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Club Information


Emphasis on Safety, Learning and Fun

Firearm safety is taught and enforced at all times.  We teach the proper and safe use of various types of firearms while having fun as a group.  Parents are encouraged to stay during practices and matches.

Junior Air Pistol

Progressive Pistol

Beginners start supported to learn the basics, advance to standing supported, and finally to standing [unsupported].

Junior Air Rifle

Beginners start on Sporter Air Rifle and advance to Precision Air Rifle.  We shoot 3-position: Prone, Standing and Kneeling.  

Open to Adults

Adults who would like to shoot air pistol, rifle or other guns may join the club.   

Advanced Training

We have SIUS electronic targets and a SCATT  system for advanced training with small bore rifle, air rifle or air pistol.


RVS will provide most of the equipment that is necessary as it is very specific to this type of sport.

Women's pistol league may rent or bring their own.


One annual fee allows you to use equipment.  

A $5 per practice charge for targets and pellets.

Call for more information or to schedule a visit to the club.

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